Upcycle T-shirt Bags

In honor of Earth Day and Sustainable Beauty Week, we TWIGGIES have been working on a special project.


We've searched every corner of our dressers and in the way, way back in our very own closets for our gently used t-shirts that we all kept holding on to, but never seemed to wear, and donated them to the cause! We've transformed roughly 65 t-shirts (so far!) into shopping bags! They're perfect for any grocery trip, farmers market, salon visit - the possibilities are endless!

More than 1 million blastic bags are used every minute all over the world. These reusable bags will help decrease the amount of plastic that ends up in dumps, the oceans, rivers, roads, and your very own backyard!

Help us help the Earth!

Stop by and visit us this week and snag a couple, for only $5 each! 100% of these proceed go to the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. 

These may be small steps, but every step is one more towards a healthier Earth!



Check out our new headbands!

New headbands arrived from Pink Pewter! They are so gorgeous! But even better, extremely versatile and durable. 

Here are just a few of the many styles that we have here at TWIG:



"Pink Pewter began with one, clear-cut ambition: developing unique accessories inspired by the latest fashion trends. As a creative hairstylist, I was constantly coming across the same old hairstyles—the usual “in” looks that become well-worn after a brief period. I understood that, while fashion trends shifted at an exciting pace, hairstyles had a much longer lifespan which, after a short time, became ho-hum maintenance projects. But this inspired me to create a line of fashionable hair accessories that would not only transform and revitalize old looks in just minutes, but also keep pace with modern couture." -Mireya VillarrealPink Pewter Founder and Designer


Andenise: Our Designer of the Week!

This week we're spotlighting Andenise, our "Red Carpet Stylist," as our designer of the week!

Andenise specializes in cutting long thick hair, doing ombre and natural sunkissed color, and also updo's and styling. Her cuts, colors, and styles will have you feeling glamorous and red carpet-ready!

Call and reserve your spot, before they're all taken! :) 760.431.8989


Silver or Gold? Neither! Rose Gold!!

Welcome GHD Rose gold flat irons!! 

That's right Twiggies, we got our GHD's back in stock and in a fancy rose gold finish! What's so great about GHD flat irons, you ask? Well, let me tell you!!

GHD's ceramic plates are slightly contoured to give the hair a sleeker, smoother finish. (They also won't catch on the hair and snag!)

The GHD is made to function at 365 degrees (it does not have a heat gauge that you set yourself) as that is the optimum temperature to smooth the hair, without causing any damage. 

For all you traveling gals out there, the GHD is universal voltage, so you can use it anywhere in the world!

 Also an added bonus, the GHD has a sleep mode, so after 30 minutes of not being in use, it automatically shuts itself off. No more leaving the house and wondering if you're going to burn your bathroom down (YAY!)

This limited edition Rose gold iron comes with matching sectioning clips and a heat resistant bag for travel!

Next time you're in stop by and check 'em out!

Peace, love, and bobby pins

xoxo Zoie :)

Product of the week!


We checked in with Sarah this week to see if she could share one of the many tips and tricks in her arsenal, and we like the result! I'm definitely going to take this home and try it!

Q: What is your favorite product to use?

Sarah: I absolutely love the Volu Hair mist by Davines.


Q: Who can use this product?

Sarah: This is great for anyone looking for weightless control.  It supports natural volume in fine hair and gives light control in medium and thick hair when blowdrying.  Volu mist is perfect for bouncy blowouts for all textures because it is so light you don't feel it in your hair afterwards.  This allows you to extend your blowout for days while keeping you hair feeling soft and lustrous.


Q: What are the benfits of it?

Sarah: Volu mist makes your life easier when blowdrying.  It helps you to achieve the look you want without having to work too hard with your round brush.  It's also great on dry hair- long or short for weightless shinny texture.  I also love that it's part of the Davines Essential line which is part of the Slow Food movement.  Davines adds food quality ingredients from local farmers.  Volu Mist contains turnip extract.  When the turnip extract is vaporized, if there are any seeds in the waste they are sent back to the farmer in Caprauna, Italy.  It's really important to me to reduce our carbon footprint and with Davines I can rest assured they are doing just that.

Q: How do you use it?  

Sarah: On towel dried hair, after applying your favorite Davines or Intelligent Nutrients leave in conditioner, spray onto crown for lift and cowlicky areas for control.  Spray on ends that fall limp or straight when trying to roll hair around the brush.  After blowdry is complete, spray mist in the direction of airflow using your blowdryer on low speed, high heat.  This is amazing for short textured looks as well as long rocker chic looks, or for anyone desiring more texture that normally gets weighed down by waxes, pomades, or pastes.  Volu mist will give you fun funky texture, movement, and incredible weightless shine.


Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Sarah!




Who knew? WE knew! MINU!

Looking for something new to spice up your at home care regime? Davines has come out with new sector to their Essentials line! Color guests, your ears should be perking up as this is the line for you! Welcome MINU to the essentials family. 

The new products include a shampoo, conditioner, mask and leave in hair serum.

These new products are ideal for color treated hair.  They create an illuminating shine and help your color service last longer. The shampoo and conditioner are great for all hair types, and if you need a little extra TLC on your locks, try out the mask!

The serum comes in a spray form and is the finishing touch to the MINU system. This leave in is light-weight, leaving the hair silky and helping lock in your cosmetic color. If you have thicker, unmanagable hair, you can use this with the MINU conditioner(or mask.) If your hair is on the finer side, you can use this leave-in in place of your rinse out conditioner.

Happy washing!

Peace, love, and bobby pins!

Zoie :)


New Candles at Twig!

We've got some lovely new candles in this past week, and they all smell AMAZING. How can I choose just one? I love them all!

And these aren't just any candles, folks. Let me introduce you.


Mood Candles by JG & Co.


Each non-toxic JG & CO. candle is blended, poured and packaged by hand using only 100% natural waxes, lead-free cotton wicks, and phthalate-free essential and perfume oil blends. All candles are eco-consciously packaged, using completely recycled or recyclable materials including recycled glass, metal and paper, natural clays and lead-free glazes, vegetable-based inks, and biodegradable woodgrain accents. The repurposing of our unique candle vessels is encouraged for continued enjoyment.




In 2004, husband-and-wife team Geoff Weiser and Suji Meswani left their jobs in the corporate world to start Skeem. The couple had an innovative idea: to put their designs directly onto the candles, not only eliminating wasteful packaging, but creating a reusable container in the process. Pillar candles become beautiful drinking glasses and half-pints and three-wicks make great vessels for holding desk abnd bathroom items. the designs are inspired by the couple's world travels and collection of old books and ephemera. All their candles are hand-poured in small batches in the USA.


PF Candle Co


All of our candles are made using domestically grown soy wax, cotton core wicks, fine fragrance oils, and apothecary inspired packaging. Jars are finished off with a simple label and brass lid. Each candle is hand poured, packaged, and shipped in our Arts District studio.



What NOT to DIY...

With the new year having arrived, I would like to take a stand for 2015, to end ever hair artist's nightmare...DIY ombre!(or any at home color for that matter.)

I know, I know, life gets hectic; Kids have soccer, work runs late, and dishes pile up. Doing your hair at home seems like the easiest, most cost efficient option, right?Why not take matters into your own hands, right? WRONG!

 More often than not, doing your color at home doesn't end how you expect it. You will end up back in your stylist's chair- and with a color correction bill. Don't let this be you- let us handle it straight out of the gate.

The boxes and online tutorials make it seem so simple. There are many, many...many reasons you should leave coloring your hair to the proffesionals.

Firstly, these are CHEMICALS you're putting on your hair! We are fully trained on what these chemicals do, how they work, how they react to other chemicals, it is not an easy thing to master. It is very damaging to the hair to risk putting these chemicals on your hair. Why do you think at-home color is so much less expensive than getting a salon service? The quality of the product is not great (or even good.) At home color molecules are much different and very unpredictable, your hair almost never looks like what the box presents, not only in color, but in the integrity the hair is left with. You'll end up with hair that is not only not the color you wanted, but 10 times more damaged than when you started.



 Secondly, it really is not as easy as they make it seem. Let's face it, we have the better angle! We can see every inch of your head from a bird's-eye view, the entire picture! I'm not sure about you but I have found that it is extremely difficult to see the back of your own head. Even with the better angle we have, it is difficult to make a beautiful ombre blend naturally and effortlessly, DIY ombre, (even if the color miraculously turns out correctly) is usually painfully uneven. The biggest issue I've seen in correcting at-home ombre..."home-bre" is blending the extremely uneven, harsh line from dark to light. Don't let this be you...


 Thirdly, we have experience formulating for any hair type. Not only that, we can do the most suitable option, and good for your type of at home maintenance.  Most often, at home ombre is too harsh of a transition from super dark, to insanley light, which isn't always as aesthetically pleasing. I've found a softer transition is  ideal for darker ombres.


I would like to invite all of you lovely Twiggies to join me in the war on at home hair. Let's put an end to it! If you or anyone you know are battling with the decision of "to home-bre or not to home-bre" please, oh please, choose not to home-bre! Here is our TWIG hotline if you or someone you know suffers from the DIY hair itch, (760)431-8989 feel free to lend your color desires to one of our lovely, experienced designers.

Peace, love and bobby pins, Twiggies

XOXO Zoie ;)












50 Shades of Spring

Mint, pale pink, sky blue, periwinkle, oh my!

I think we can always trust to bring in Spring with pastels and floral. Spring time sets the feel for the new year and everything it has to offer. Even though floral for spring is ( let's face it,) less than groundbreaking, it never fails to set us up! Floral, prints, and lots of monochromatic pastels are what seem to be in store for 2015.

I personally love these shades, what do you guys think? Should we break the floral for spring path, or can you dig it another year? 

Tell us what your favorite Spring trend is, are you sticking with your go-to, or starting new for 2015?

What's your go-to 'do?

Almost time to ring in the New year!

Here are some fun, simple hair styles you can do at home (or pop in if you're not feeling brave) before your night on the town for New Year's Eve!! 

I love this look! Simple, but definitely makes a statement! Curl or wave your hair, hairspray and throw a crown braid in (or if you have a braided headband!) and you're good to go! Remember: accessories are your friend! If you can't find the perfect necklace for your NYE outfit, why not a fun headband or clip? Spice it up!

This look is a little more simple, maybe (if you're like me) you don't have crazy night-out plans for NYE but you still want to look like you tried, this is perfect for you! Just an easy twist of hair back, you can pull both sides back if you want and do a bow in the middle of the back of your head. But shown in the picture, just a quick hair bow, maybe add a cute shiny clippy and you're off!

This look is definitely a little more on the edgy side! This can totally be customized depending on your style look you're going for. A few french braids up on the top of the head with a low pony, or a curled pony, simple and won't fall out through the night! You could even tilt the style and do the braids on one side of your head for a little less "edge". 

What are your favorite hairstyles for NYE? Do you try something new and fun? Or stick with your favorite go- to do?

Have a happy and safe holiday season Twiggies!!!

Peace, love and bobby pins,

XOXO Zoie :)

Nod to Nail Art

 Nails from 2014 were quite the new trending items. People have been getting creative when it comes to nail designs. I guess I'm still behind with just painting my index finger a different color, or adding glitter to just one nail.

Some of these gals are highly evolved in their nail art!!



Have you guys been playing around with your nail art? What do you think is in store for 2015 nails?!

Peace, love and bobby pins,

XOXO Zoie :)

Let the wildflowers bloom!


Ever wonder what to do with your old reservation reminder cards? Chewed gum holder, bottom of the purse/pocket dweller? Think no more because I'll let you in on a fun fact; it's seed paper!

Yep, you heard me! Our reminder cards are handmade seeded paper, you can plant them after you're done with them and let the fun begin! We are all about the "triple 'r'" (reduce, reuse, recycle) here at TWIG so we thought we'd let you bring the reusing home with you! This paper is made in Napal from Daphne bush. It's fully recyclable and plant-able. Even the process in which it's made is 100% Earth friendly.

Some of the seeds you might find in your reminder card include: Red Corn poppy, Spurred snapdragon, Catchfly, English Monkeyflower, Creeping thyme, English Primrose,Floxglove and Lilac Godetia. Generally easy keeping plants, they tolerate partial shade, 4 hours of direct sunlight a day and typically grow about 3 inches in height. To transform your reminder card into a beautiful little plant, cover the card (in a pot or your garden) in 1/8 inch of soil and keep generously watered until it's established.

Show us pictures of your Twig Reminder Garden! (let's start a new hashtag!! #twigremindergarden)

Peace, Love and Bobby pins!

Zoie xoxo

Join the Cult!

Happy Friday all!

I know you're all super excited for the weekend. Holiday parties, family photos, just plain hangs are all what we love about this time of year. Well a fun way to spice up your attire for any event or even daily basis, is right in front of you! Your nails! Nails can be as fun or as subtle as you want them. You can wear a fun polish to brighten up your daily look or even something fun like one glitter nail. Here at Twig we've taken on a newer (amazing!) polish line, Smith& Cult. Safe to say, I'm obsessed.

Do you do the 'do?

That's right ladies! It's that time of year, company holiday parties, family photos, and friendly gatherings. That means it's also time for your new holiday do's! With all the stress of traveling, shopping and cooking, why let your hair be one more thing to add to the list? I turned to Glamour UK for some trending styles for this season.

I'd say I was pleasantly surprised with how simple most of these ideas are! None of them seem to have much heavy styling required. I don't know about you ladies, but for me? The easier, the better!


A few classics, that won't ever go away; The glossy pony and the ballerina bun! Both feminine and easy. Just the same, both can be dressed up or worn casually. Which means if you have a busy day at work and have to go to your company party right after, you're set!

 Next on our list are two things I personally love! Very easy and minimal product required; The "undone" updo and the "wet-loose" looks. I adore the undone because if you're dancing the night away, you don't have to worry about hanging locks and things of the like, it already looks on purpose! As for the wet-loose look, it's not one many people over here are fond of. I think it's a fun way to step out of the box!





 Our last fun 'do for today is a simple but lovely one! The sweeping fringe. If you're someone who never plays around with your part, now is the time to start! It only requires a few bobby pins and maybe some  hair spray if you get flyaways. Take it as dramatic or subtle as you want!!

That's it for today Twiggies! What do you think? Do you like Glamour UK's top picks for holiday styles? Or do you have your favorite go-to do? Let us know! Our own Cassidy has opened her books for updos and any type of styling on 12/6, 12/13, 12/20, 12/23 and 12/31! Give us a call to save your spot! They're fillin' up quickly!

Have a lovely weekend all!

Peace, love, and bobby pins,

Zoie xoxo :)