Upcycle T-shirt Bags

In honor of Earth Day and Sustainable Beauty Week, we TWIGGIES have been working on a special project.


We've searched every corner of our dressers and in the way, way back in our very own closets for our gently used t-shirts that we all kept holding on to, but never seemed to wear, and donated them to the cause! We've transformed roughly 65 t-shirts (so far!) into shopping bags! They're perfect for any grocery trip, farmers market, salon visit - the possibilities are endless!

More than 1 million blastic bags are used every minute all over the world. These reusable bags will help decrease the amount of plastic that ends up in dumps, the oceans, rivers, roads, and your very own backyard!

Help us help the Earth!

Stop by and visit us this week and snag a couple, for only $5 each! 100% of these proceed go to the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. 

These may be small steps, but every step is one more towards a healthier Earth!