Product of the week!


We checked in with Sarah this week to see if she could share one of the many tips and tricks in her arsenal, and we like the result! I'm definitely going to take this home and try it!

Q: What is your favorite product to use?

Sarah: I absolutely love the Volu Hair mist by Davines.


Q: Who can use this product?

Sarah: This is great for anyone looking for weightless control.  It supports natural volume in fine hair and gives light control in medium and thick hair when blowdrying.  Volu mist is perfect for bouncy blowouts for all textures because it is so light you don't feel it in your hair afterwards.  This allows you to extend your blowout for days while keeping you hair feeling soft and lustrous.


Q: What are the benfits of it?

Sarah: Volu mist makes your life easier when blowdrying.  It helps you to achieve the look you want without having to work too hard with your round brush.  It's also great on dry hair- long or short for weightless shinny texture.  I also love that it's part of the Davines Essential line which is part of the Slow Food movement.  Davines adds food quality ingredients from local farmers.  Volu Mist contains turnip extract.  When the turnip extract is vaporized, if there are any seeds in the waste they are sent back to the farmer in Caprauna, Italy.  It's really important to me to reduce our carbon footprint and with Davines I can rest assured they are doing just that.

Q: How do you use it?  

Sarah: On towel dried hair, after applying your favorite Davines or Intelligent Nutrients leave in conditioner, spray onto crown for lift and cowlicky areas for control.  Spray on ends that fall limp or straight when trying to roll hair around the brush.  After blowdry is complete, spray mist in the direction of airflow using your blowdryer on low speed, high heat.  This is amazing for short textured looks as well as long rocker chic looks, or for anyone desiring more texture that normally gets weighed down by waxes, pomades, or pastes.  Volu mist will give you fun funky texture, movement, and incredible weightless shine.


Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Sarah!