What NOT to DIY...

With the new year having arrived, I would like to take a stand for 2015, to end ever hair artist's nightmare...DIY ombre!(or any at home color for that matter.)

I know, I know, life gets hectic; Kids have soccer, work runs late, and dishes pile up. Doing your hair at home seems like the easiest, most cost efficient option, right?Why not take matters into your own hands, right? WRONG!

 More often than not, doing your color at home doesn't end how you expect it. You will end up back in your stylist's chair- and with a color correction bill. Don't let this be you- let us handle it straight out of the gate.

The boxes and online tutorials make it seem so simple. There are many, many...many reasons you should leave coloring your hair to the proffesionals.

Firstly, these are CHEMICALS you're putting on your hair! We are fully trained on what these chemicals do, how they work, how they react to other chemicals, it is not an easy thing to master. It is very damaging to the hair to risk putting these chemicals on your hair. Why do you think at-home color is so much less expensive than getting a salon service? The quality of the product is not great (or even good.) At home color molecules are much different and very unpredictable, your hair almost never looks like what the box presents, not only in color, but in the integrity the hair is left with. You'll end up with hair that is not only not the color you wanted, but 10 times more damaged than when you started.



 Secondly, it really is not as easy as they make it seem. Let's face it, we have the better angle! We can see every inch of your head from a bird's-eye view, the entire picture! I'm not sure about you but I have found that it is extremely difficult to see the back of your own head. Even with the better angle we have, it is difficult to make a beautiful ombre blend naturally and effortlessly, DIY ombre, (even if the color miraculously turns out correctly) is usually painfully uneven. The biggest issue I've seen in correcting at-home ombre..."home-bre" is blending the extremely uneven, harsh line from dark to light. Don't let this be you...


 Thirdly, we have experience formulating for any hair type. Not only that, we can do the most suitable option, and good for your type of at home maintenance.  Most often, at home ombre is too harsh of a transition from super dark, to insanley light, which isn't always as aesthetically pleasing. I've found a softer transition is  ideal for darker ombres.


I would like to invite all of you lovely Twiggies to join me in the war on at home hair. Let's put an end to it! If you or anyone you know are battling with the decision of "to home-bre or not to home-bre" please, oh please, choose not to home-bre! Here is our TWIG hotline if you or someone you know suffers from the DIY hair itch, (760)431-8989 feel free to lend your color desires to one of our lovely, experienced designers.

Peace, love and bobby pins, Twiggies

XOXO Zoie ;)