Hot Oil Hullabaloo!

Summer can really do a number on our hair; Beach, sun, pool, they all factor in, making our hair dry, frizzy and dull. 

Our hot oil treatment will bring your hair back to life! 

Let's ask Cassidy more about it.


q: How will the hot oil treatment help my hair?

C: It will remove build-up and condition your scalp and hair. It is nourishing and moisturizing and restores elasticiy, making it feel healthy, smooth and full of shine! It's also certified organic!


q: Who would you recommend the treatment to/How do I know if I need it?

C: If your hair is feeling dry, damaged from chemicals or the environment. It's good for anyone who needs moisture!


q: Does it include a blowdry?

C: Yes! This service includes a blow-out style, while the regular deep conditioning treatment does not. 


q: How often should I have the treatment?

C: Depending on the severity of damage, you could have it as often as once a week! But we suggest once every 6-8 weeks.


q: Is it safe to have the hot oil treatment after/before color?

C: After color, I would wait at LEAST 48 hours, to let the color set in, other than that it would not fade previously colored hair. If you're having an oil treatment a few days before your color is done, at least shampoo in bewteen, so that the oil does not effect the color process.


q: When can I book my reservation?!

C: Hot oil treatments are available every Saturday and every other Sunday with Vanessa and Cassidy! Priced at $50, with a complimentary blow-dry style. Call and reserve your spot!