Product of the Week!

Rumor has it that our very own Lindsay has a secret concoction that she loves to use on her clients. Lucky us, she spilled the beans! It turns out to be a cocktail of Davines' Oi Beautifying Potion and Momo Moisturizing Fluid!

q: Why these two products together?

Lindsay: I love the combination of these two, because it makes the hair reflect shine while also adding smoothness and softness

q: Would this combination work for anyone?

Lindsay: Yes, anyone who has any texture to their hair will love how soft and smooth their hair will feel

q: Is there a specific ratio you go by? Or technique of application?

Lindsay: Eyeball it... Less hair, less product, more hair more product :) Start with a few drops of both(more if you have long or thick hair) and emusify in your hands. Start by running your fingers through the ends of your hair, and working your way up. Be careful not to get too close to your scalp, especially if you're prone to greasy hair

q: What is the overall benefit of using these products together?

Lindsay: Both the Oi and the Momo Fluid add moisture without being heavy, and the Oi helps cut down blowdrying time and is also a heat protectant! The end result is healthier hair that is shiny and soft, less flyaways and stays smooth in humidity! Perfect for the most recent weather ;)


Thank you, Lindsay!