Chalk fun !

Come on in and get some HAIR CHALK, now available at TWIG! 

 We played around with the hair chalk this weekend and it was so fun and easy to do!


Few easy steps:

1. Wet the section of hair you want "chalked"

2. Wet the chalk a little bit, then rub down the hair strand until its as bright as you want

3. Dry the section of hair, add some hairspray for hold

4. Once it's dry, Style how you wish (ex. flat iron, curls)


-It's awesome because it's completely temporary (washes out right away), easy to do, and fun to change up your hair for the day (:

-Add whichever colors you like (pastels, perriwinkle purples, mermaid colors, brighter colors)




 and vwa-la! HAIR CHALK FUN! (:

Come on in and get some for yourself, your kids, or your friends. Fun for summer !