Creativity Class!

This morning some of us Twiggies got a creative mannequin makeover class taught by mentors Jennifer and Courtney and we had a blast!

Mel, Megan, Zoie, Aly, Vanessa and I brought in some pictures of haircuts and color we liked or wanted to work on and let our creativity flow!(:


I really enjoyed this class because it let us really step outside of the box and so something fun we don't do on a regular basis! We each brought in a few pictures of ideas we liked or wanted to try out!I chose to do a short cut with some fun red color and I was really happy with how far i got, check it out! 




We all had a great time at this class! Unfortunately, I didn't get to the haircut so I just styled her with the previous cut she had so stay tuned for the final look! 

Mel and megan did some beautiful blonde bobs, Vanessa got to do some of her first foils, Aly had fun with texture and peekaboos and i had a great time with this color! I lightened the front fringe("bang") section and then went over it with a pretty copper red, colored the top crown a dark mahogany brown, and the nape a nice medium brown. 






 Stay tuned to see more about what we're up to here at TWIG! Keepin updated on our education and always learnin and growin' (: 

That's all for now folks! Till next time. Can't wait to see you all here at TWIG!