Knowledge destroys Fear

 Today was a great day! As part of our program here at TWIG Vanessa and I go through a series of classes. In order to becomer a designer on the floor we must pass each class on a mannequin and a live model. We started out with our one length bob on a mannequin and this morning we both PASSED! I am so glad we get to move onto our next step.





I love that TWIG offers education to the interns in the salon! Continued education is a HUGE thing for me. At school we had an awesome guest come in, DJ Muldoon from The Factory salon downtown, he told us all that knowledge destroys fear. If you really know what it is your doing, it cancels out all the nerves or fear of making mistakes. I feel that taking classes with our mentors really ensures that we know what we're doing and that we fully understand the haircut or color or whatever we're working on before we're set free on the floor. 


 Stay tuned to see more about our weekly classes! We're onto our one length bob on a model next ! If anyone is interested in a one length bob email subject: Model for next Tuesdy morning at 9:00.


 ~Cassidy (: