Education Diaries of Cassidy and Vanessa

Hello TWIG guests! Many of you already know TWIG offers an Intern/Apprenticeship Program for those interested in continuing education after school to be fully prepared to be a successful designer! During the program we go through a series of weekly education classes to further our knowledge in cutting, coloring, and product knowlege! As interns we are learning as much as possible in the salon as well as outside events, activities, and classes.



 Vanessa and I decided to give you an inside look on what we're learning in the salon and behind the scenes, so you can see our progression and watch us grow into designers on the floor! We're going to share our tips and tricks as far as fun hairstyles, new techniques, and our favorite products and new ways to use them! We hope you enjoy and if you have any questions about our program or about TWIG feel free to email or just ask us when you come in ! Stay tuned on our TWIG Blog and our Instagram @twighairlounge to continue following The Education Diaries of Cassidy and Vanessa! Here's some pictures of us in our Tuesday morning classes. Thanks for your support we look forward to seeing you !

 -Cassidy (Twiggie Intern)