What's the difference?

Foiling, Balayage, Ombre, and Flamboyage

"Whats the difference?" is a very common question. I've tracked down a simple explanation without getting into all the technical mumbo-gumbo. I turned to modelbehavious.com's interview with Mike Evans:


So what’s the difference between foiling, balayage, ombre and flamboyage?

 Foiling is the most traditional and precise way to create highlights. Carefully selected strands of hair are placed on foil and the product is painted on. It’s great for women who want their hair highlighted from root to end and don’t mind keeping it up regularly because foiling is high-maintenance.

Balayage means to ‘sweep on.’ Instead of using foils, you paint the color in a sweeping motion where ever you want. You can go chunky or paint a few strands. It’s great for clients who want a natural look with more contrast in their hair.  It requires less upkeep than foiling, but talk to your stylist first because very few people know how to do it correctly.

Ombre is a look that creates a beautiful color transition from dark to light from the midshaft down. The trick is to do it without demarcation.

Flamboyage looks like a combination of balayage and ombre. The color generally starts above the midshaft and runs through the ends. You can go natural or dramatic with both ombre and flamboyage and both those techniques require less upkeep than foiling and balayage.


Your next question might be, "Which technique is best for my hair?" Well, that question is better suited for your designer. They will know exactly which technique is best for your hair type, maintainence, and health.

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Hoping you have a happy hair day,