Take Your Facial Home!

I have sensitive, acne-prone skin. I've gone through product after product, a bazillion different combinations and regimes for night and day, so let me tell you this:

It doesn't have to be difficult.

I've found some wonderful products to help you soothe and smooth your tired skin. But I've found that I need more than just my daily regimine. I thought masks we just some green goo that old ladies put on while they had rollers in. But hear me now:

Masks. Are. Magic.

The trick is finding the right one for your skin type and needs. Also, knowing how to use the right products in the correct order:

1:: Scrub

2:: Mask

3:: Tone

4:: Moisturize

Yes, they are all important and all have a reason.


Using a gentle scrub to exfoliate once a week helps remove dead skin and impurities, allowing your mask to penetrate deep into your skin and allowing it to either remove impurities within your skin and absorb the benefits of your mask. But do NOT over-exfoliate. Using a scrub on your face over-frequently can result in either over-dry or over-oily (your skin may try to make up for the lost layer of skin by producing more oil) skin.


We like One Fine Day face polish by Farmhouse Fresh. Sulfate and paraben free, 96.5% Natural and gluten-free. This gentle scrub contains sugar crystals, which dissolve as you scrub, giving you the perfect amount of exfoliation and also allowing you to use it multiple times a week!


Masking serves different purposes, and your mask should be chosen according to your specific needs. There are four masks I like which all serve a different purpose.


Sundae Best is what I would suggest for more dry, mature skin. Skin softener, wrinkle defender and skin revitalizer.

Pajama Paste is for combination dry skin rpone to redness. It's a skin tightener, super moisturizer, and redness reducer.

Splendid Dirt (my personal favorite) is for red, oily, acne-prone skin. Pore-minimizer, radiance booster, skin de-gunker.

Follow the instructions on your mask. I like to sit and read with my mask on. Rinse with warm water.


Toning is SO important. It removes any extra stuff left on your face and makes sure all of those open pores are now closed off to invading bacteria. It seals in all of the goodness.



Intelligent Nutrients, all-natural, all vegan and gluten-free, food grade products. Why put something ON your body that you wouldn't put IN your body? Quenches. Calms. Alcohol free rose infusion replenishes skin with hydration. For all skin types, especially dry or sensitive. Alcohol free.


Follow up with your favorite moisturizer. We like Davines' Authentic Balm!

 Good for face, hair, or body! Free of parabens, aritificial colors and silicones. Apply, let sit, and rinse!