The Scotch Tape Method

Ever since I had my super pointy acrylics taken off, I have taken the box full of nail polish I have collected over the years and started doing my own nails. In a way, I find it therapeutic! Being one of Kaylah's fans of I am always excited to see new nail art ideas she comes up with! So here is one I thought would be fun to share... the scotch tape method!


All you need to do is paint the nail polish on the tape and leave to dry. Once it's thoroughly dry, cut the tape into whatever shape your heart desires, and apply to your nail. Seal it in with a top coat, and you're all set! 

A few tips to get you started...
◦  Paint the tape before you paint your nails this way the tape has a chance to dry a little bit longer than your nails.
◦  Make sure your nails are completely dry before applying the tape, or before cutting the tape for that matter. You wouldn't want to smudge them.
◦  As long as everything is dry before you get started the tape is easily removable if you decide halfway through your manicure you're not in love with the direction you were heading.

◦  Sometimes the small pieces of tape are really hard to place using just your fingers, try tweezers. 

When you're ready to remove it, the tape easily comes off with nail polish remover just like your polish.


Don't forget we carry Butter London year round! They are a great non-toxic company that make amazing laquers!

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