Do you do the 'do?

That's right ladies! It's that time of year, company holiday parties, family photos, and friendly gatherings. That means it's also time for your new holiday do's! With all the stress of traveling, shopping and cooking, why let your hair be one more thing to add to the list? I turned to Glamour UK for some trending styles for this season.

I'd say I was pleasantly surprised with how simple most of these ideas are! None of them seem to have much heavy styling required. I don't know about you ladies, but for me? The easier, the better!


A few classics, that won't ever go away; The glossy pony and the ballerina bun! Both feminine and easy. Just the same, both can be dressed up or worn casually. Which means if you have a busy day at work and have to go to your company party right after, you're set!

 Next on our list are two things I personally love! Very easy and minimal product required; The "undone" updo and the "wet-loose" looks. I adore the undone because if you're dancing the night away, you don't have to worry about hanging locks and things of the like, it already looks on purpose! As for the wet-loose look, it's not one many people over here are fond of. I think it's a fun way to step out of the box!





 Our last fun 'do for today is a simple but lovely one! The sweeping fringe. If you're someone who never plays around with your part, now is the time to start! It only requires a few bobby pins and maybe some  hair spray if you get flyaways. Take it as dramatic or subtle as you want!!

That's it for today Twiggies! What do you think? Do you like Glamour UK's top picks for holiday styles? Or do you have your favorite go-to do? Let us know! Our own Cassidy has opened her books for updos and any type of styling on 12/6, 12/13, 12/20, 12/23 and 12/31! Give us a call to save your spot! They're fillin' up quickly!

Have a lovely weekend all!

Peace, love, and bobby pins,

Zoie xoxo :)