What's your go-to 'do?

Almost time to ring in the New year!

Here are some fun, simple hair styles you can do at home (or pop in if you're not feeling brave) before your night on the town for New Year's Eve!! 

I love this look! Simple, but definitely makes a statement! Curl or wave your hair, hairspray and throw a crown braid in (or if you have a braided headband!) and you're good to go! Remember: accessories are your friend! If you can't find the perfect necklace for your NYE outfit, why not a fun headband or clip? Spice it up!

This look is a little more simple, maybe (if you're like me) you don't have crazy night-out plans for NYE but you still want to look like you tried, this is perfect for you! Just an easy twist of hair back, you can pull both sides back if you want and do a bow in the middle of the back of your head. But shown in the picture, just a quick hair bow, maybe add a cute shiny clippy and you're off!

This look is definitely a little more on the edgy side! This can totally be customized depending on your style look you're going for. A few french braids up on the top of the head with a low pony, or a curled pony, simple and won't fall out through the night! You could even tilt the style and do the braids on one side of your head for a little less "edge". 

What are your favorite hairstyles for NYE? Do you try something new and fun? Or stick with your favorite go- to do?

Have a happy and safe holiday season Twiggies!!!

Peace, love and bobby pins,

XOXO Zoie :)