Let the wildflowers bloom!


Ever wonder what to do with your old reservation reminder cards? Chewed gum holder, bottom of the purse/pocket dweller? Think no more because I'll let you in on a fun fact; it's seed paper!

Yep, you heard me! Our reminder cards are handmade seeded paper, you can plant them after you're done with them and let the fun begin! We are all about the "triple 'r'" (reduce, reuse, recycle) here at TWIG so we thought we'd let you bring the reusing home with you! This paper is made in Napal from Daphne bush. It's fully recyclable and plant-able. Even the process in which it's made is 100% Earth friendly.

Some of the seeds you might find in your reminder card include: Red Corn poppy, Spurred snapdragon, Catchfly, English Monkeyflower, Creeping thyme, English Primrose,Floxglove and Lilac Godetia. Generally easy keeping plants, they tolerate partial shade, 4 hours of direct sunlight a day and typically grow about 3 inches in height. To transform your reminder card into a beautiful little plant, cover the card (in a pot or your garden) in 1/8 inch of soil and keep generously watered until it's established.

Show us pictures of your Twig Reminder Garden! (let's start a new hashtag!! #twigremindergarden)

Peace, Love and Bobby pins!

Zoie xoxo