Join the Cult!

No, not that type of cult! SMITH & CULT!! A fun way to spice up your attire for any event or even daily basis, is right in front of you! Your nails! Nails can be as fun or as subtle as you want them. You can wear a fun polish to brighten up your daily look or even something fun like one glitter nail. Here at Twig we've taken on a newer (amazing!) polish line, Smith& Cult.
Safe to say, I'm obsessed.

Why is Smith& Cult so amazing you ask? Firstly, the founder is a fabulous veteran of the beauty industry! Remeber Hard Candy Cosmetics? Founder Dineh Mohajer is onto the next beauty revolution taking on nails! Hard Candy actually got started with a nail polish Mohajer mixed up herself. Now she's expanded with an amazing product. Not only does she know trends and great looks, she keeps health in mind as well, which we adore about the line.

Smith& Cult is a 5-free and vegan line! (Most polishes on the market are "3-free".) What in the world does 5-free mean?! Nail polish tend to have a bunch of nasty gunk in it, that isn't good for us to be surrounded by. It's a bunch of junk, that's not even necessary to the quality of the product. These ingredients include:dibutyl, phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and camphor. (She knows what she's talking about seeing as she was a Pre-med biochemistry major at USC!)

Smith&Cult is the perfect blend of raw emotion and pure beauty. It has a full range of gorgeous colors and each has a fun, funky name. The line features a diary of sorts that gives a little insight to the emotions and vibes the colors show.

Next time you're in come check out our new family member Smith&Cult 

Enjoy Twiggies!! Have a superb weekend!!!!

Peave, Love and bobby pins, xoxo