DE-STRESS, and Enjoy!

We all know this time of year can get stressful and hectic! Today's blog will include some fun ideas for DIY gifts/crafts that you can make into a friends/family gathering to get back to what the holidays are really for!

One of the classic DIY gift ideas is a cookie or brownie recipe in a jar! What's better than giving the gift of a full belly! I wanted to twist this idea and do something a little different! I'm not a big fan of sweets (I know, I know...) But I'm sure there are others out there like me! How fun would it be to do a salsa jar, or even hummus? Something to give a kick to holiday snacking! Make your favorite recipe, throw it into a jar, and you're golden!


Another fun jar type of DIY (we love our mason jars here at TWIG!) Great for this time of year, all of us go through the dry skin, so why not make a homemade sugar scrub! Perfect for the body, or even more specifically for the face and lips! Just a few simple ingredients, a jar, and a cute bow are all you need for this gift idea. (I'm sure Pinterest will help you out with more specific ingredients!)


A fun way to gather everyone together for fun hangs, (or even to help others in their scramble for gift making,) having any of the above gifts be a making party! Have everyone bring one ingredient (in bulk) that way you can share the cost! Some other fun ideas you could do would be:

-Wreath making party

-Hot cocoa bar party

-Cookie decorating party





 Of course, all of these ideas are completely customizable for different holidays (or lack there of) you can do whatever you want! Make it your own! Creativity is always encouraged! Remember, this time of year is not about how much money you spend, or how crazy the mall parking lot is; it's about spending time and creating memories with the people you love!!! If you have any fun ideas or crafts to DIY, let us know!!!

Have a great Friday, Twiggies!

Until next week, peace, love and bobby pins!

Xoxo Zoie :)