Davines has a new product!

Introducing, Texturizing Dust!


Zoie took the time to give us some quick tips!

Q: Zoie, what IS Texturizing Dust? What does it do?

Z: The texturizing dust is literally that, a texturizing dust! Lightweight(but good hold), colorless powder you sprinkle at the root to give volume, or throughout to give texture.

Q: How do I use it? How do I know how much to use?

Z: I like to separate the hair at the crown (or wherever you need lift/texture) sprinkle a bit at the root area and smoosh it in. If you want texture and separation throughout your locks, put some in your hands and fingercomb through your ends for a toustled look. As with any product, start with a small amount (few shakes) and you can add more if you feel you need more vavoom!

Q: Does it matter if I put it in my wet or dry hair?

Z: Definitely a product for dry hair!

Q: Does it pair well with other Davines products?

Z: Absolutely! I like to blowdry my finer- haired guests using the Davines Volume Mousse and/or Volu Mist , rough drying for a beachy style, (maybe add some waves!) and once the hair is fully dried, add a few shakes of the dust and you're set!

Q: When can I get it?!

Z: Right now!