Burgundy, Boots and Beards!

 Living in southern California has it's obvious benefits (80 degrees in November,what?!) The one downside, however, is our lack of obvious season changes. Luckily, we have our experts, runway shows and celebs that keep us in the loop for upcoming trends. It's time, ladies and gents for our transition to fall! The season of burgundy and boots is among us, here's just a peek into what we should be seeing this season!  

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A trend which is always booming in our neck of the woods is a natural fresh face, how we spice it up for fall is adding a berry lip, some jewel tones on the eyes and a bold brow. Pencil thin brows are a thing of the past! Time to let your natural brow shape shine, ladies!



  Next on our list is textured bobs! If any of you have been in my chair, you know I love chopping those locks off! This season, it's in, in, in! Adding a soft wave to give a bit of movement is the perfect touch! We L-O-V-E it!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


As for every fall (I've noticed a repeat trend every year!) Military and androgyny for women! Trousers, pleats and structure are absolutely a staple in every gal's fall wardrobe! Whether your pants are slim fit, harem style or slacks, we're loving pairing a structured hemline with a feminine blouse or some statement jewelry.





PS! Printed pants are always a yes!


 Another carryover from summer, is the very boho, natural style. A great way to stay comfortable and look fab!  We're loving maxis, vests and lots and lots of gems and mineral jewelry! We've all heard of the staple being the classic "LBD" (little black dress) but welcome season of the "LWD" the long, white dress! A crisp way to look fresh and cool, pair it with boots and a baggy sweater and you have your fall look set!




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Don't worry fellas! We didn't forget about you! Guys tend to think they don't fall into the trend categories, but you'd be surprised! Men's trends are just as booming as women's!

First on our gentlemen's list is hair, hair, hair! Classic barbering is definitely making its way back! We're absolutely bananas over a nice crisp disconnected cut with a long, slim top. Whether you wear it slick, or disheveled, disconnection is all the rage this fall!


       Guys! Don't fight your curls, let them be! Also something that isn't going away is beards! We love the scruff!Lumberjack chic is alive and thriving!   


     Next on our list is a trend I never thought served a purpose for fashion, but strictly for functionality, has now made it's way to be a trend. I will be the first to say I'm surprised and thrilled that the puffy jackets and down vests are the big thing for guys this fall. Loving this paired with denim (always a classic!) We're also seeing a lot of denim on denim trending big right now. (Justin Timberlake knew it back in the 90s!)   




 More monochromatics are making their way in this season. Whether it be colors, fabrics, or prints, going all for one and one for all is a hit! Absoutely major right now is courduroy and casual pinstripes! Rocking a courd suit or throwing a pinstripe blazer with your favorite pair of jeans are absolute DO this fall! Adding these looks with a white shoe is what's big. The classic Converse, Vans, or even a white dress shoe is the finishing touch to any of these looks.


 A great accessory, (again, serving function as well as fashion,) as always for men is a great watch. Big faces and classic 70s style are a must when chosing your watch for this season!

That's it for today's trend report!If you have any favorite trends you see for this lovely time of year let us know!! Let this season bring you lots of denim, mustard yellow and classic styles! Stay tuned for next Friday's blog post by yours truly, (think holidays, food and fun!)

Until next week!

Peace, love and bobby pins, xoxo

Zoie :)