The Best Workouts to get Fit in 2014

Every New Year that comes along, my resolution always seems to wrap around the idea of getting back in to that desired shape that I've always wanted to get my body to. Especially after all those yummy, fatty foods and treats you tell yourself you can have because its "winter" and its the "holidays". Going to the gym and doing your usual daily workouts just doesn't cut it for me.. I need a little more excitement to motivate myself. Luckily, for me, Twig is located right next to two amazing studios here in Bressi Ranch, Re:form Yoga and The Bar Method.



If you love Yoga, you will LOVE Re:form! This place has the best energy, super clean, amazing staff, and is also "green" certified, which of course is a huge bonus, and extremely important.  All of their classes are held at a comfortable 80 degrees, so if you don't enjoy the hot yoga, Re:form is the place to come to! They offer classes at all different levels, so if you are a beginner, no need to be intimidated! And to top it off,  they have the BEST deal in San Diego going on right now, $39 for a month unlimited for all new students! Their schedule is online as well, check them out. Everyone deserves a little "me time" and Re:form is the studio to be in for an awesome, relaxing yoga work out!


Another studio, conveniently located across from our wonderful salon, is The Bar Method. This studio also offers a great deal for new students, $20 for a week unlimited, or $100 for a month, you sure can't beat those prices! The vibe here is so mellow, yet definately an intense work out!  I am OBSESSED with The Bar Method. I'd say it is the #1 method to use if you are trying to feel immediate soreness and to lean your muscles. The classes here really kick my booty, but I can't express how gratifying it is and how much I love going to their studio! They work every single muscle in your body in hour long classes, and I'm telling you, even the littlest muscles I didn't even know I had! And just to finish your workout off with a bang.. you can hop over to Twig for a beautiful shampoo and blowdry, after sweating out those toxins!


These studios will have you seeing and feeling immediate results, you may be sore, but will definately be

thanking me later! Time to get those bods back in to shape for 2014!!


Happy New Year everyone!! Get fit :)