Scrub away that dead skin!!

Is anyone else's skin as dry as mine lately? Especially with this crazy weather we have been having!! Luckily, for you and I, here at Twig we have the perfect cure for that! A couple of my favorite products of FarmHouse Fresh are their AMAZING body scrubs that smell and feel like heaven!! The Bourbon Bubbler- Kentucky Wisky and the Butter Rum body scrubs will leave you skin feeling smooth as a baby's bottom! 


Butter Rum  

97% Natural Vegan Gluten Free.. When a Werthers-brand caramel dreams, it probably dreams of Butter Rum Scrub! Golden brown sugar and premium aged rum combine with rice bran oil in this buttery-sweet, butterscotch-scented fine body scrub that instantly puts you in a good-time mood! Apply in the shower or bath-- it smooths all the rough parts, leaving your skin ultra soft and glisteningly dewy. A fabulous gift for any occassion.

What I really like about it, is that I can use it after I shave my legs and it won't sting!! It leaves my body very soft and with a wonderful aroma of buttered rum. Better yet, pair this product with Farmhouse Fresh Agave Nectar Oil for additional moisture. My shower and bathroom also enjoy the wonderful scents that linger for hours!!

Bourbon Bubbler Kentucky Wiskey 

This product meets our natural beauty standards with a high concentration of quality natural botanicals while keeping harsh chemicals to a minimum. Brown Sugar and real Kentucky whiskey combine in this rich, gingersnap-pecan scented fine body scrub. Apply when you're wet for a squeaky clean drydown that leaves your skin ultra soft for everyday use, but free of the greasy residues that keep self tanning lotions from sinking in deep. Professional salon spray tans won't smear or dribble off!

My bath time has turned blissful when I took a dip with Farm Fresh’s Bourbon Bubbler Kentucky Whiskey Body Scrub.  This paraben and sulfate free product slathers on rich and creamy and offers up mild exfoliation ideal for banishing dead skin from head to toe. The scent is divine; brown sugar and bourbon pair up to create an experience that is simply intoxicating!!


And guess what!? These two magnificent scrubs are on sale, here at Twig, 30% OFF!!! Hurry up and get in here before these delicious treats fly off our shelves! A definate must in my beauty regimine, I must say! Enjoy this beautiful weather San Diegans!! 

Happy scubbin'!!