Davines Authentic Formulas

Authentic Formulas  is the  first of Davines products that can be used on the face, body and hair! Free of SLS,  SLES,  sulphates,  parabens, artificial colouring, silicon, PEG and ethoxylate. Authentic is 98% naturally derived with organic ingredients all which contain Carthame Oil which comes from the Carthamus tinctorius L plant. A plant which can be found growing along the Mediterranean coasts and in the east. Carthame Oil contains a high percentage of fatty acids omega 6 and vitamin. Authentic line consist of the Cleansing Nectar (hair/body), Moisturizing Balm (face/body/hair), Replenishing Butter (face/body/hair) and Nourishing Oil (face/body/hair) 



We carry the enitre line here at Twig so come on in and spoil your hair, body and face!!