First of all, isn't this photo of Brigitte Bardot amazing? How cute does that bun look with her bangs and short pieces of hair around her face – and that flower! It looks unreal, like something Brittany Watson would make.

I love cutting short face-framing pieces on my clients if they let me. They're perfect for anyone who already has stubborn baby hair around their hairline that just won’t grow past a few inches. The face framing can be super short like Brigitte's or longer like Zooey Deschanel's and they can be really thick or much thinner so they look like wispies that naturally come out of your pony tail. There's a trick to cutting them though so they look natural and not like messed up layers. Like I said in an 
earlier post about hairlines, everyone's hairline is different and should be cut specifically to the way it grows, so don't try this at home! Actually, don’t try anything that involves scissors and your hair at home, as I’ve implored here. :)