As summer begins to fade into fall, we find ourselves itching for change. But what do you do when you've chopped off your long locks for summer? 

"Grow it out," is the most common answer that we hear. Once you're in that mindset of "I'm oing to grow my hair out to THIS length!" it just seems to take even longer. It'll be ages before it's long enough! It's just so frustrating. And going to the salon for a trim can be terrifying when its all about "Only half an inch!" or "Cut enough so that it's healthy, but not too much!."

But I've found that if you make little "pit-stops" on this hair journey of yours, it makes the grow out more fun, healthier for your hair and much easier to deal with. So instead of saying "Ugh, i'm growing out my hair and it's taking forever," to yourself, try saying, "What fun new haircut can I work towards next?" 

So to help you on this journey I've found some inspiration for you. Lets go on an imaginary "hair journey."


Step1: the Pixie

Step2: Lets throw some fringe on that pixie!

Step3: Short Shag

Step4: How about a smidge more?


Step5: Some cute styles along the way!

Step6: Past the chin before you know it!

Step7: It's touching your shoulders now!



Once you're out of that "awkward chin/shoulder" length, it's smoth sailing! Good louck with your grow out, ladies! Just have fun with it!