Formal introduction . . .

With our front desk dancing, snapping queen leaving us for school, of all things (how rude!), we might as well get acquainted. Here’s my grand hello for all you lovely twigies out there. This is my royal, I mean formal, introduction: my name is Vanessa and I’m here at twig as an Apprentice. “Apprentice you say, hmm now what’s that all about?!” the crowd whispered with infatuation. Well, wait no longer my fixated fans, I’ll tell all.

Beauty has always been a passion of mine but I’ve never realized how life changing it could be until I found twig! As an apprentice I will be training, in salon, to become a licensed cosmetologist. You’ll be likely to see me behind the front desk and helping out behind the chair. Next time you’re visiting, walking by or taking care of your do, come on over and say hello.

Here to help with whatever you may need,

~Good luck and farewell to Alix, our aspiring kinesiologist


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Study of the mechanics and anatomy of human movement and their roles in promoting health and reducing disease. Kinesiology has direct applications to fitness and health, including developing exercise programs for people with and without disabilities, preserving the independence of older people, preventing disease due to trauma and neglect, and rehabilitating people after disease or injury. Kinesiologists also develop more accessible furniture and environments for people with limited movement and find ways to enhance individual and team efficiency. Kinesiology research encompasses the biochemistry of muscle contraction and tissue fluids, bone mineralization, responses to exercise, how physical skills are developed, work efficiency, and the anthropology of play.