5 Summer trends to transition your wardrobe into fall!

"When I’m not busy chasing around my 2 year old son Beckett you can find me searching through boutiques, thrift stores, and flea markets for anything that catches my eye. Fashion and home decor have always been a passion of mine. After living in Los Angeles for a couple of years my love of them became even greater. I also love street fashion and seeing ideas that others have and then taking them and making them my own. Today, I want to give you five easy ways to transition your wardrobe from summer into fall.

1.) Maxi skirts come in all different materials, textures, and patterns. They look great on anyone’s figure and are also comfortable. You can find them in both high end department stores and at Target. When pairing your maxi-skirt to make it fall appropriate, layer. You can wear a simple tank top or t-shirt with an oversized cardigan or denim jacket. Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe says that maxi-skirts actually add to your height and if you’re short like me that’s a big plus.

2.) Midi skirts which started making a comeback this spring are also going to be sticking around for the fall lineup. A tip for making sure your midi fits just right is that it hits your leg below the widest part of your calf. This is also something that you definitely want to pair with layers. Think of chunky platforms, tights, and boots just to name a few.

3.) Brightly colored handbags are such an easy and fun way to add just the right amount of punch into your wardrobe. Some of my favorite hues include jewel tones, neon’s, metallics, and pastels. When choosing a handbag I always try to get leather, anything else won’t last more than a season.

4.) Polka Dots can take your outfit from day to night when paired with the right thing. Polka dots also evoke the modern secretary vibe, although they were probably worn by our mom’s and grandmother’s. Pair your polka dot blouse with a pencil skirt for the office and dark skinny jeans for going out in the evening. If you want to look really retro chic you can also add red lipstick and cat eyes.

5.) Brightly colored pants were a big success on the runway for this spring and summer but it looks like they are also sticking around for fall. If you want to be really adventurous you can try color blocking with your pants which is where you wear a couple of bright colors in one outfit. It can be a little tricky but when done the right way looks amazing. Some of my favorite colors blocking combinations are fuchsia and orange, yellow and royal blue, and green and magenta.

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