Spa Water at Twig Hair Lounge!

Rehydrate next time you pop in for a visit! 

Twig now provides complimentary spa water made fresh every morning, different every day! 


"There are three essential elements necessary for our bodies to sustain life. In order of necessity they are air or oxygen, water, and nutrition from food.

You can only live for a few minutes without air. You can only live days without water. You may only last weeks without proper nutrition.  Spa water brings two of the three elements together in a healthy and tasty way that all of us can enjoy. Proper hydration is critical for maintaining health on a cellular level. Every cell in the human body is reliant on water for proper function.  A number of symptoms can arise from improper hydration, fatigue, headaches, muscle cramps, allergies, joint pain, digestive problems and many more that I’ve seen in my clinic.  I cannot impress on you enough the effect that pure clean water has on your overall health.  Nutrition is a very complicated area of science.  With all the information we now have on nutrition and all the different kinds of diets, there is still one complete truth “nature knows best.”  Fruits and vegetables in their natural form are by far the best source of nutrition you could ever give your body.  Science has tried to copy these complex molecules found in food, but to date, haven’t been able to reproduce the complete balance that nature supplies to us in food. When you combine these two elements in such a way as is described in this book, you not only get proper hydration, but hydration with an infusion of whole food nutrition that is perfect in every way."

-Foreword to Spa Water:  by Dr. Robert Parker, BS, DC


Stay hydrated, my friends.