So if you're not in the know about terrariums, here's a whole post dedicated to showing you the how-to's, step-by-step from start to finish. Mel found these great terrariums (shown below) from Urban Outfitters online. You can start with a classic orb like the ones we have here at Twig or go a little crazy.

Once you've found your fancy mini plant house, it's time to fill it up. I found some great sites with step-by-steps, a book, and even a video from, of course, Martha Stewart (she does everything!). Better Homes and Gardens has the breakdown: check out the link below.


Great book from Urban Outfitters


And here's Martha showing you the whole process and even care tips!


The BIG finish

These images I found just searching around the net. Some people added little mini figurines like mushrooms, a house and I even saw a mini treasure chest. Mini's mini's mini's...love them!!!

How crazy? Beetlejuice's humble home ;)

Made by our own Designers - here at Twig!

Happy terrarium shopping! The possibilities are endless.