Know anyone who's expecting?!


I made my 1st diaper cake for a friend's baby shower this last weekend. As soon I found out she was expecting I knew I was going to conquer making a diaper cake. If there's one thing a Mama's gonna' ask for, it's gotta be DIAPERS! Grab a box of diapers from your favorite local store. I used a box of 136 to build 4-tier masterpiece! 

Find some smal hair ties: I used a multi color pack just in case they peak through the ribbon. And..roll, roll, roll and roll some more. Just snap a tiny tie around each one (let me tell you - it's a process) and you're ready to build.









I bought two spools of ribbon from the craft store: 1 thick red and a thinner with baseballs. Start bundling handfuls of diapers until you get the bottom the size you want and wrap the thicker ribbon around the center. For the bottom base I used the diaper box and decorated it with wrapping paper. Repeat for as many tiers as you can make. Finish by wrapping a second ribbon on top of the first ribbon. I added a couple of mini Kit Kats around the cake and bundled a set of sleep wear for the baby boy.