Get Energized!

Are you having problems mainting fragile, thinning hair? TWIG is here for you! Davines has an amzing Natural Tech line that is specifically made to help you preserve and prevent thinning hair. It includes strong anti-oxidant action, and protects from external aggressions. 


Energizing Shampoo

caffeine phytoceauticles and essential oils

 stimulate the scalp's microcirculation to prepare it

for thinning hair treatmeants.

Energizing Gel

to be used after shampooing, spread over scalp, not rinsed out. Twice a week for three months.

Energizing Superactive

 to be used after shampooing, massaged into scalp and not rinsed out. Use twice a week for two months. 

Contains Black Cohosh-"Or Actaea racemosa is plant extract that block the 5-αreductase enzyme, responsible for androgenetic alopecia and hypersebaceus production."