Reinvent vintage

For all of our classy girls, here is another vintage style to add to your collection. Quite simple to do actually, just follow these 12 simple steps:

1. comb your hair. (sorry girls but this is much needed to complete this look)

2. part hair (top of ear to other side) clip up.

3. separate bottom section into 2 then braid each side.

4. pin each braid to the head, tucking in any loose ends.

5. next, curl top of head, alternating directions to create wave.

6* after each curl, pin it up to cool down. (see picture below)

7. keep going until the top section is complete and cooling down.

8. check to see if your curls are cool, if so, take out the pins and softly brush out your curls with a mason pearson brush or anything similar.

9. use bobbi pins to shape or mold your waves. pin one side up if you want. 

10. tease ends.

11.  smooth with hands and pin ends under with bobbi pins.

12. finish with shine gloss, hairspray, or even a headband to add sparkle.