Favorite Product Friday

Happy Friday TWIGgies!!!

Ready for the weekend?? I am!!

Is your hair ready??

With this weather we have been having, probably not.

We have a great product you can use to tame that frizz!!!

This wonderful product helps control the shape and style of your hair while protecting it from outside pollutants. It will smooth out your hair while couteracting the nasty effects of humidity.

Apply to wet hair and blowdry as you prefer :)

We love this product at TWIG and the ladies always coctail this product with Davines' Oi oil to give you "the ultimate anti-frizz, smooth finish," says Yardena.

We have both of these products in house and they sell out quickly!!

Momo Fluid is $24 and the Oi is $40.

Come in and get ready for the weekend!

If you prefer, we do Blowdrys here at TWIG starting at $20 and we can give you that sleek finish while you relax in our salon :)

xoxo Alix