Alix's Favorite Products 9th Ed.

My apologies for the delay in blogging. Busy, busy weeks here at Twig!!

So, what am I obsessed with this week??

Davines' For Wizards Number 2 Mat Moulding Gesso!!

This puck is a great alternative to a gel because it is mat and won't give you that shiny look. 

Men love this product!!

I love it to show off the texture of my bob. 

Not only does this product fix in any style you want, it also has essentail oils that nourishes and conditions your hair!! It's also water soluble so it is easy to get out. 

Can you say that about your old wax??

Probably not, so toss it out and grab yourself a puck of this one. 

For just $28 you will be coolest looking cat out there!

Hope to see you around!!

xoxo Alix