Favorite Products Friday!!!

The Weekend is near and it is the first day of Summer! What is better than that??

Within Davines is a line that is all about protecting your hair while bathing in the hot sun. 

Su is the the name and sun protection is the game.

Within SU is a shampoo that helps clean out all the ocean and pool water while protecting those locks.

There is also a leave-in conditioner to help your hair stay moisturized while playing in the sun.

There is also a hair Pak that, Rachel says, "makes your hair feel like butter!"

The last product in the line is a sun cream specifically for sun protection. 

There are three other products within the line that TWIG is yet to carry but you can order them online. 

Stop by and grab some sun protection.

Don't forget the sunscreen for your skin!!!

xoxo Alix