A look at Men's "Gatsby" styling.

With the long awaited release of the Great Gatsby this year it is no surprise that a Jazz-Age take on men's barbering has made a comeback. With it shines a renewed interest in classic styling. If this is a look you're going for, here are some helpful tips on maintanence, styling, and suitable product. 

Because these looks require a tight taper around the hairline with a deep side part and disconnected top it's important to understand the up-keep of the cut as well as the absolute need to style with product. Frequent reshaping or neck clean ups in between are the trick to maintaining this timeless feel. 

 Combed in glossy pomades with medium to firm hold will pull the cut together for an authentic Roaring Twenties style. For Medium Hold we reccomend Davines Glossy Modeling Putty No.4 and for a stronger hold Davines Glossy Plasteline No.6.