Twiggie of the week!

Andenise has been in the industry since 2010, she started here with the intern program and has made great progress! She spent most of her training as Jen's personal assistant here at Twig. If you have a special event and want a lovely up-do or blow out, Andenise is your girl! She also loves long layers and brunettes. I asked her a few questions about her experience as a designer here at Twig and here are her answers:

 What type of hair do you have and what’s your favorite product for people with the same texture?  

My hair is what you’d probably consider ‘fine’. I love to use Davines’ ‘oi’ oil to freshen my ends, as well as smooth my hair out. Also I ALWAYS use ‘volu’ volume spray, to lift my roots as much as possible.

What is your absolute favorite thing to do on a client?

  Color is my favorite. I feel like color is the ultimate change [a client needs] sometimes and to see the reaction on peoples faces after that kind of change is inspiring and uplifting.  

 How long have you been at Twig? What made you want to do hair?

I’ve been here at Twig for 18 months. My mother really pushed me to get into this industry, almost literally. Thank God she did, i guess mother really does know best! I LOVE IT!