Alix's Favorite Products!! 6th Ed.

If you are around us girls long enough you start to notice something....

We hardly ever wash our hair!!

The days I do wash my hair are by far my worst hair days. It never does what I want it to do. 

A great way to get that second day look is a bit of Davines' For Wizards "No.14" Sea Salt Primer.

This bottle is filled with magic, a few sprays into your hair and you got that punk rock look without the smell.

In fact, it smells heavenly. It smells of Vanilla which is fantastic!

Jen calls it her "Vanilla Mermaid Hair". 

Come grab a bottle and see for yourself. $26 for the larger bottle and $14 for the travel size.

You want to know what else??? Justin Bieber loves this stuff!!!

Have a fantastic day Twiggies!!!