Alix's Favorite Products. 8th Edition

Hello Twiggies!!!

You know that lotion you can't get enough of? Whenever you're feeling dry it is so nice to have a hand creme to moisten your skin.

 Why not do the same for your hair??

This little tube is just that. 

I love curling my hair, so my ends are always needing a little more moisture, it's so nice to just get some into my hands and replenish my hair. 

"MoMo Cream restores softness and shine to dry, dehydrated, fuzzy, porous hair," says the Davines website. 

It helps protect your hair from harmful UV rays and has anti-aging action. 

It's very light on my hair and is never sticky, I use this everyday, I am absolutely obsessed. 

The tube is $22 and is worth every penny!

See you next week TWIGgies!!!

xoxo Alix