Alix's favorite products. 7th Ed.

Last week I was totally loving the Sea Salt Primer!! Who knew the Biebs loved it too??

This week, and every other one, I'm consistently using Marrakesh oil.

Marrakesh oil is a perfect mixture of Argan Oil and Hemp Seed Oil to protect your hair from all of those hot tools we love to use. 

Not only does it act as a protectant but it also cuts drying time in HALF!!! WOWZA!

I know when I think of an oil I usually think of something greasy. But, this fast absorbing product never leaves me feeling anything but perfection.

This little bottle, only 2oz, lasts forever, you only need a little, that's the beauty. It only costs 23 dollars and it comes in three different scents. 

Come and try it yourself!!

Have a great week Twiggie pies!!