20 Tips To Make A Differance

Follow some of these simple green living tips to help reduce the environmental footprint and live a healthier life.

100+ ways to make a difference
1. Turn the lights off when not in use
2. Avoid buying drinks in plastic bottles
3. Shop less. One of the easiest ways to reduce your environmental impact is to buy less. Next time you shop think carefully about whether you really need it.
4. Don’t use disposable coffee cups, get yourself a reusable coffee cup
5. Use solar power and save on energy bills
6. Buy fruits and veggies that are in season
7. Newspapers are great window cleaners.
8. Vinegar is great for cleaning windows and glass.
9. To clean marks off suede gently rub with very fine sandpaper.
10. Don’t buy bottled water
11. Use crayons to repair scratches on marble and Caesar stone bench tops. Match the colour and rub into the area that needs repair until the area is filled.
12. If you’re worried that your children's toys contain lead, you can purchase a lead-testing kit from most paint supply stores.
13. Front loaders use 40 per cent less water by cycling clothes through water at the bottom of the drum. Front loaders also remove more water in the spin cycle which reduces drying time.
14. Dry-cleaning is expensive and damaging to the environment. Many garments sent ot the dry-cleaner can be hand washed. Some clothing manufacturers label their garments ‘dry-clean only’ so they are not liable for damage.
15. If the steam jets in your iron become clogged, fill the iron with equal parts of white vinegar and water, let it stand for 1hr and empty it out, rinse with clean water and let it steam.
16. Say no to plastic bags and use your own reusable bags
17. Limit your meat intake to twice a week
18. Grow your own vegetables
19. Buy recycled paper
20. Put a lid on a saucepan to make it boil faster, it saves energy.