Alix's Favorite Products. 4th Ed.

Today, April 23rd, the Twiggies and I attended an up-do class with Robear Landeros, a hugely successful employee, spokesperson, and educator for Davines. Robear was so much fun to hang out with today! He taught us a bunch of fun techniques for up-do's but the most impressive aspect of the class was how he was using the products!

The Wonder Wax from Davines' Defining line is my new favorite product!

Robear used this product as his foundation for the whole class. 

He curled our model's hair and used this to hold it together. 

This product allowed the curls to stay in place during the whole class!! He showed us 8 different up-do's and each time he would un-do the look, the curls fell perfectly into place looking better each time.

This product isn't just for curls, if you want your straight hair to stay in place from dusk till dawn this is the product for you!

The puck is $25 dollars right here at TWIG!

Come on down and get some!!

Have a lovely day Twig-geroos! 

Alix :)