Alix's Favorite Products!!

This month in our Blogg-osphere, I will be showcasing my favorite products!!... So... What am I loving this week!?

Davines' 'For Wizards' No. 7 Crystal Fixative Lacquer!

This wonderful hair spray is a part of the "For Wizards" Line from Davines

For those of you who don't know, the "For Wizards" line is strictly finishing products. 

No. 7 lacquer is your "token hairspray with hold," says Leela. It is perfect to use when you want a sleek looking up-do.

Everyone has tiny hairs that never stay down. Now?... they will!  

Come on by and grab yourself some, they come in 400 and 100ml bottles for $29/$14. 

Have a great week!