why ombre?

Late 2011 Ombre was an accidental trend that started as women started to stretch out their color appointments.   "Roots" suddenly became more common and so celebrities started to make it a fashion statement.  Thank you Drew for demonstrating a more extreme ombre #thankgoodnessforhollywood #ahcelebrities #rootsaretrendy 














Mid 2012 Ombre became a lot more subtle, more soft and natural... More like what your hair did by itself as a child in the sun. Jessica here is shown with a glowing ombre #simplifyyourhair #simplify your life














The 2013 Ombre is getting a bit more funky with pastels and brights alike. #abitmorebold #alotmorepermanent #commitmenttocolor

Either way, the Ombre is still commonly requested and being sported by celebrities far and wide in a range that is quite custom to your lifestyle.  If you haven't tried Ombre yet, why not?  Its just hair!!

xoxo Jen