Spotlight on Rachel!

Rachel is a staple in TWIG culture!  Her look of timeless; perfectly vintage and always grabing the attention of anyone in our building!  As a young, highly ambitious woman, with an eye like an eagle, she is a large part of TWIG's success.  Rachel came to TWIG as a fresh graduate from Cosmetology school.  She quickly learned every facet of the TWIG experience and continues to train new hires on all things that make TWIG, well, TWIG!  As a designer she enjoys cutting hair like I've never seen in anyone before.  It makes her giddy!  Why does Rachel do hair?... not only is she super-duper good at it, she absolutely LOVES it!!  This education savvy lady has attended classes under some the biggest names in the industry and is truly one the best I've had the pleasure of getting my own hair cut by! xoxo Jen