dirty, part 2

Everyone always asks what I put in my hair that allows me to go 4-7 days inbetween shampooing, so here are my secrets:

- I used to be a daily washer, about 10 years ago.  Its been a process, but mostly getting over the mental stigma that "my hair smells", because, It really doesn't!

Day ONE: Wash and Condition with something that is "weather balancing".  For example, if I just got color done I tend to use a lighter shampoo and conditioner (like Davines authentic nectar and balm).  If it is getting closer to be needing my color done, I tend to go for something a tad bit more moisturing (like Kusco Murphy O'sential Wash + Revival Balm, or Intelligent Nutrients PureLuxe). 

I dry my hair with a little bit of either Davines Volu Mist, Davines Sea salt, or Kusco Murphy Beach hair.  These are all products designed to give your hair texture.  My hair is too soft when its been washed and feels like feathers.  So unless I want it flat to my head and full of static, texture is a MUST!  Sometimes I use a brush but mostly just my fingers and a blowdryer, and a comb for my bangs.

Day TWO: I shower every morning and when I wash my face my hair gets a lil misted.  I layer on about 1/2 as much as I used the day before of one of the above listed texturizers.  I use the blowdryer for less than a minute just to heat the hair and dry it into shape with my fingers only.  Sometimes I use a bit of hairspray... my favorite is Eufora Elevate because it doesn't flake or get real stiff.

Day THREE and FOUR:  Davines Sea Salt must use day!  Maybe flat iron a couple pieces around my face or put a couple curls in, then scrunch in the magic sea salt!  Ponytails, pin the front back, and ear tucks all create a different look to :) If the ends are feeling crisp or a 'lil dry at this point, I use Marrakesh oil light on them.

How many days can you go between shampoos?  I wanna know!!!  I love dirty hair!

xoxo Jen