get a lil dirty!

Anyone who has ever sat in my chair has received a lengthy lecture on why dirty hair = great hair!  Here are the main points as to why I think dirty hair is best!

- It lets the natural oils come in and protect the hair from the elements (sun, wind, dry air, environmental ickyness)

- It requires MUCH less work!  Yes, if you don't have to blow-dry that saves mucho minutes!  Learn how to only fluff!

- It makes you wear your hair a different way every single day.  When you wake up with natural, I-slept-on-good-dreams-last-night hair... it makes you go with that extra volume in the crown or side pony and mermaid waves.

- It is FAR more healthy!  Yes, all that washing, drying, hot tool circles make your hair age, FAST!! 

So, how long should you go between washes?  Well, that is a work in progress.  If you are currently washing every single day and you skipped a day in between, then you'd be washing 1/2 as much!  That is a 50% improvement to start!  The answer is wash as little as possible.  Rinse and condition if necessary in between but please, no shampoo!

xoxo Jen