15% off Davines Natural Tech

This weekend only, 15% off Davines' Natural tech series! These products are designed for specific treatments and ultimate hair repair! Come in for a consultation to see which line would work best for you!


For dry or damaged hair, this line nourishes and rebuilds the hair without being heavy or weighing the hair down. It leaves hair super soft and silky.


For fine and thinning hair with heavy shedding, this treatment line will need to be perscribed to you by your designer. The shampoo and treatment create an optimum environment to promote new hair growth. Pair the Energizing shampoo with Well Being conditioner. Energizing Gel should be used as a treatment every two weeks for three months to up folicle metabolism and prevent further hair loss while strengthening existing hair.

Well Being:

For all hair types, this whole line is mellow and light for the every-day hair washers. Nourishes hair without being heavy or leaving residue. 



For the oily, dandruff or psorisis-wriden scalp. Shampoo cleanses oil and residue away leaving a clean and healthy environmeant for hair. Use Purifying Gel all over the scalp or as a spot treatment for problem areas.


Calm, Detox, and Rebalance:

+Calming shampoo gently cleanses and soothes sensitive or irritated scalps.

+Detoxifying shampoo has scrub particles for a gentle, yet deep-cleansing of the scalp and light exfoliation.

+Rebalancing shampoo normalizes sebum production, keeping the scalp clean without stimulating sebum production. For the oily scalp.

Happy Holidays!