Twig of the Week: Rachel Galati







All Time Favorite Can't Live Without Product: 

The More Inside 'Relaxing Moisture Fluid' 

"Currently dumping it on my head to moisturize and combat frizz in-between washes!" She uses it both for wet and dry styling. 

Daily Inspirations:

There are numerous things that inspire Rachel; from classic cinema to the latest edgy Sassoon collections. This Winter, although she can't seem to get enough of Farmhouse Fresh' beauty solutions. She personally favors the 'Splendid Dirt' pumpkin based face mask to minimize the appearance of pores and boost radiance.


 Favorite shows:

"Currently I'm in-between a few shows, actually!"

BBC's Doctor Who, Masterpiece Theatres Downtown Abbey and new costume drama The Paradise !





Where do you shop?

She does a lot of online shopping but this year has taken over! From shoes, accessories, and the lastest must haves!