The Evolution of the French Manicure

If you're looking for something a little different than the traditional pink and white for your french mani this season, check out this great list I found on Harpers Bazaar:

Butter is featured for #4 The Rise of the Moonicure

First, paint nails with one coat of Tea with the Queen and let dry completely to the touch. Then, take circular paper reinforcement stickers (grab some from an office supply store) and place one at the base of every nail to create the moon shape. Next, apply two coats La Moss on top, then let the polish dry, remove the stickers and finish with a high-shine topcoat.

...and #8 Glitterati!

Nicole Miller Spring 2014

A sparkly graduated manicure (going from light to dark working up the nail) is reflective ombre for hands. First, apply The Black Night, a super chunky bronze polish all over nails. Next, use The 144, a mix of red, blue, purple and black glitter to just the tips.


Happy painting Nail Divas!